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Evaluation Form - Summer Camp Programs

  1. Carrboro Recreation and Parks
  2. Registration Process
  3. What method did you use to register?
  4. How did you know that the event was being held?
  5. The cost of the camp was reasonable.
  6. The program made every effort to manage the inherent safety hazards associated with the camp.
  7. Camp Staff were courteous, supportive, and helpful.
  8. Staff seemed competent and the program appeared organized.
  9. Supervision was adequate.
  10. Adequate information about the camp was received prior to the start of camp.
  11. Please rate your child's overall level of satisfaction with the program.
  12. Please rate your level of satisfaction with the program.
  13. Please list some of the strengths and weaknesses of the program in your opinion.
  14. Would you consider participating in this camp or a similar camp again?
  15. Would you be interested in program information during the season by email?
  16. Contact Information
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