Stormwater Control Measure Forms, Templates and Documents

Annual Inspection Report

Include one Annual Inspection Report Cover Sheet for each site. Reach out to stormwater staff ( if you do not know your SCM ID numbers or Project Name. 

Annual Inspection Report Cover Sheet

SCM Checklists

Submit a completed checklist for each individual SCM. Download the applicable checklist by type below. 

Click here to see a Completed Sample Checklist.

New Development

Property owners are required to enter into an Operation and Maintenance Agreement with the Town of Carrboro, signed and recorded before issuance of the final plat or certificate of occupancy. Included in the agreement is the Operation and Maintenance Manual, which includes information about the maintenance and inspection requirements for each SCM. Download templates below.

Operation and Maintenance Agreement Template

Operation and Maintenance Manual Template

Other Resources

Stormwater Glossary

Stormwater Homeowner's Manual