Appearance Commission


  • 6:30 p.m.
  • 1st Thursday of each month


Agendas are prepared prior to the meeting, minutes are available following approval.

Most Recent Agenda (PDF) | All Agendas and Minutes


The Appearance Commission consists of 9 members appointed by the Town Council. All members of the commission shall either reside, own property, or operate a business within the town's planning jurisdiction.

Staff support provided by the Planning Department.


The Appearance Commission:

  • Initiates, promotes, and assists in the implementation of programs for general community beautification within the town's planning jurisdiction
  • Seeks to coordinate the activities of individuals, agencies, organizations and groups, public and private, whose plans, activities and programs bear upon the appearance of the town and its environs
  • Directs the attention of the mayor and the board of aldermen to ways in which the town government may take direct action affecting the appearance of the town and its environs
  • Makes recommendations upon any permit or other item referred to the commission by the Town Council, Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, or Administrator
  • Appoints subcommittees (consisting of commission members) or advisory groups (consisting of commission members, persons who are not non commission members or any combination thereof) to advise and assist the commission in carrying out its duties
  • Takes any other action authorized by this chapter or any other ordinance or resolution of the Town Council 


The Appearance Commission also serves as the Preservation District Commission (PDC) which seeks to promote, enhance and preserve the character and heritage of neighborhood preservation districts, and to this end may:

  • Undertake an inventory of areas of cultural or historical significance within the jurisdiction of the town to identify for all public officials and public bodies those characteristics which define significant areas within the jurisdiction.
  • Recommend to the Town Council  areas to be designated or removed from designation by ordinance as neighborhood preservation districts.
  • Conduct an educational program with respect to the special character of neighborhood preservation districts.
  • Prepare or review studies and plans for consideration by the governing bodies in taking action that affects the preservation and enhancement of such districts.
  • Recommend to the Town Council  such action as will enhance and preserve the special character of neighborhood preservation districts.
  • Cooperate with public and private officials, organizations, agencies, and groups, which are concerned with and have an impact upon neighborhood preservation districts.
  • Submit annually to the board of aldermen a written report of its activities and identify activities, including violations of ordinances and plans that affect the district.
  • Review all applications for zoning, sign, special use, or conditional use permits within a district, and all building permits required for any work involving the construction, removal, or alteration of an exterior feature of a building within a district, and at the commission's discretion exercise authority to delay the issuance of such permits.