Green Neighborhoods Grant Program

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About the Program

The Green Neighborhood Grant Program seeks to help bring neighbors together to pursue projects which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create natural areas that are more resilient to the impacts of climate change, and ultimately benefit the entire community. Funding is available for neighborhood teams seeking to implement sustainable projects that align with the goals of the Town of Carrboro Climate Action Plan.  

The application period for Spring 2023 has closed. The Town of Carrboro anticipates opening another round of Green Neighborhoods Grant Program in Spring 2024. Please check back for updates, including a list of awarded projects for Spring 2023.

Grant Program Goals

  • Educate and empower neighborhoods to address climate change
  • Build neighborhood capacity to engage in climate action
  • Develop and enhance community and Town partnerships
  • Leverage Town and neighborhood involvement and resources
  • Distribute resources to low-income and communities of color who are disproportionately affected by climate change.

Eligible Projects

Projects that demonstrate shared benefits with a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and/or contributing to ecosystem resiliency.

 All projects must achieve the following:

  • Reduce emissions, enhance ecosystem resiliency, or contribute to climate action awareness or engagement 
  • Be completed within six months of grant award 
  • Be initiated, planned, and implemented by community members 
  • Obtain Town permits required for construction, if applicable. 
  • Any contractors must carry required insurance. 
  • Group/fiscal agent must obtain adequate liability insurance if deemed necessary by the Town (e.g. event insurance)

Examples of projects that are suitable for these grant funds include, but are not limited to, projects within the following categories from the Community Climate Action Plan:

Community Climate Action Plan Category
Project Example
Community Integration, Climate Action Awareness/Engagement
  • Design educational campaigns - e.g. social media, yard signs
  • Create public art related to climate action
  • Design and implement educational youth programs related to climate action
  • Create a campaign to increase awareness and community engagement with additional climate-related  resources and funding opportunities (e.g. Inflation Reduction Act Solar Tax Credit, Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, etc.)
Building Energy Efficiency
  • Create educational materials to help neighbors save energy in their households
  • Create program to help neighbors obtain energy audits
  • Create neighborhood LED lightbulb replacement program
  • Change out hot water heater in HOA clubhouse
  • Create neighborhood bike share program
  • Develop bicycle maintenance or safety kits for neighborhood use
  • Design and promote weekly bike/walk/roll to school days
  • Coordinate neighborhood carpool program
Renewable Energy
  • Create educational campaign for neighbors to pursue solar
Ecosystem Protection & Enhancement
  • Plant or replace trees, create a community rain and/or pollinator garden
  • Create a neighborhood invasive plant removal group
  • Set up a neighborhood composting site/program
  • Organize neighborhood waste reduction initiatives
  • Green stormwater infrastructure
  • Stream repair or buffer restoration projects
Food Choices
  • Plant community garden or build a community greenhouse
  • Hold a neighborhood climate-friendly food event
  • Create a campaign to educate neighbors on making climate-friendly food choices

Carrboro's Community Climate Action Plan

The Carrboro Town Council accepted the Community Climate Action Plan (CCAP) in 2017 to expand the Town’s existing climate action efforts and emphasize measures that community members can implement to help achieve greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. The plan’s goal is to raise the community’s awareness and involvement in climate action and the enhancement of ecosystem resilience. In 2020, the Town updated the CCAP goals to recommend an 80% reduction of 2010 emissions levels by 2030. 

In order to achieve this goal, widespread community participation in every aspect of the plan is essential. The Green Neighborhoods Grant Program seeks to help bring neighbors together to pursue projects which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create natural areas that are more resilient to the impacts of climate change, and ultimately benefit the entire community.

Project Award Selection Criteria

The Town of Carrboro  staff and advisory board members will review and evaluate grant applications according to the following criteria:

CriteriaMaximum Points Awarded
Racial Equity and Environmental Justice30
Project Impact20
Project Planning and Design20
Neighborhood Participation and Support20
Project Engagement20
First-time Applicant10

Funded Projects


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Additional Questions?

Please contact the Town of Carrboro's Environmental Sustainability Staff for additional information. 

Please contact the Environmental Sustainability Coordinator or Environmental Planner for additional information.

Laura Janway

Environmental Sustainability Coordinator

(919) 918 - 7326