Environmental Advisory Board

From Carrboro Vision 2020

"Respect for and protection of the natural environment should be integrated into the Town’s policies as a high priority in enriching the quality of life."


  • 1st Thursday of each month

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are prepared prior to the meeting, minutes are available following approval.

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The Environmental Advisory Board consists of 7 members. Staff support is provided by the Planning Department.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Environmental Advisory Board may:

(1) Advise the Board of Alderman on policies, ordinances, and administrative procedures regarding environmental protection and the conservation of natural resources. The areas of review for the EAB include new development, solid waste, air quality, stormwater management, climate protection and resilience, energy conservation, solar energy, groundwater, natural resources, and other areas.

(2) Provide recommendations for green building and low impact development as part of new development and redevelopment, including site planning and design, energy efficiency and renewable energy, water efficiency, materials efficiency and waste reduction, indoor environmental quality, and the minimization of pollution and stormwater runoff.

(3) Adopt a set of guiding principles or goals for the EAB and review these goals periodically to determine if they are being obtained.

(4) Take any other action authorized by the Land Use Ordinance or any other ordinance or resolution of the Board of Alderman.