Engagement Opportunities

Public information resources available about these alignments include paper brochures, webpages with a storymap and map plotting activities, and public input tables that will be set up at various community events and programs.  Depending on your time and interest, you can do any of the following to learn more and express your views on this community project: 

  • Visit our project webpage. We have maps, photos and information to help guide you through the area. 
  • Take the survey!
  • Experience a virtual tour of the greenway!
  • Take a walk! You can access the greenway from Wilson Park, 101 Williams St. Town staff will place trail maps at trail entrances, or you can access an online map from a QR code to take a self-guided tour. Please note that a large tract of land south of UNC property is privately owned. Property boundaries for the tract, known as the PH Craig Property, begin just after the trail passes beneath the railroad trestle. 
  • Drop by our table at a community event or if you spot us outside your favorite grocery store, laundromat or hair salon. Town staff will be out with public information boards and surveys.

Engagement Schedule for Summer to Fall 2023 

(In addition to the following special events, find Town staff at pop-up locations including the Carrboro Farmers Market, local parks and commercial centers around town.) 

  • June 9 – Carrboro In Motion at Royal Park Apartments – 5 to 8 pm 
  • July 4 – Frederick Douglass Community Reading – noon to 2 pm 
  • Aug. 1 – National Night Out at Town Commons – 6 to 8 p.m. 
  • Aug. 19 – Carrboro In Motion at Carolina Apartments – 11 am to 2 pm 
  • Aug. 27 – Latin American Festival on Weaver Street – noon to 6 pm 
  • Sept. 22 (Updated - new date) – Carrboro In Motion at Estes Park Apartments – 5 to 8 pm
  • Oct. 1 – Carrboro Music Festival 
  • Oct. 3 – Close survey 
  • Oct. 17 – Present feedback to Council

For more information, contact Communication & Engagement Director Catherine Lazorko at clazorko@carrboronc.gov