Carrboro, North Carolina


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|2010 Performance Schedule (alphabetical listing) (pdf) |

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Below is the map for the twenty-fivevenues and the schedule of performances at most of the sites. The sites without a performance listing will be finalized soon..

Note the pdf. copy of the Performer Schedule above

In regards to outdoor venues- A decision will be made by 10:00 a.m. on


In case of all day heavy rain event:
The 10 indoor venues will continue as planned

The following outdoor venues will move inside:
-Milltown patio is covered
- Jessee's Coffee & Bar
- Looking Glass Café
- Fifth Season
- Town Hall Commons (bay area of Fire Dept.)

Tyler's To be Determined

All other outside venues will be cancelled.

| 2010 Performance Map and Schedule (pdf) |2010 Performance Schedule (alphabetical listing) (pdf) |

The Advocate Stage

403 W. Weaver St.

1:00t shirt design Judy Woodall & Muletrain- Music of the rural American South
2:00 t shirt designRough Cut- Eclectic Blues
3:00 t shirt designMary Johnson Rockers- Original Americana, sweetness & steel
4:00 t shirt designThe Pneurotics -Rock / Indie / Alternative
5:00 t shirt designBlue Tailed Skinks- Old-Time string band
6:00 t shirt designJo Gore and The Alternative- Funky acoustic Rock and Soul

Armadillo Grill

120 E. Main St.

1:00t shirt design Erin Brown- Acoustic alternative-folk singer/songwriter
2:00 t shirt design Group Mentality- Experimental folksy tunes w/ Jazz influences
3:00 t shirt design Applesauce- Folk/Roots/Blues duo ramblin' around the East
4:00 t shirt design Zach Tilley- Acoustic/Pop-rock
5:00 t shirt design Down the Road- Bluegrass
6:00 t shirt design Tampa Blue- New & used acoustic Blues
7:00t shirt design Battle Not With Monsters- Alternative, acoustic Folk Rock

(Earl & Rhoda Wynn Theater)

300-G E. Main. St.

3:00 Raleigh Jazz Orchestra- New music and old tunes with new twists
4:00 Dave Youngman Quintet- Jazz
5:00 Tony Galiani Band- Upstream Jazz
6:00 t shirt design The Bradshaw Quartet, featuring Cristen Campbell- Swing, Bebop, R&B and Jazz
7:00 t shirt design Kevin Van Sant Jazz Collective- Jazz
8:00 mahaloJazz- Ensemble Jazz music
9:00 t shirt design Griffanzo/Robert Griffin- Jazz

(West End)
stage sponsor: Realtor Logan A Carter

300-G E. Main St.

3:00t shirt design George/Preston/Herrett- Jam Fusion
4:00t shirt design Skeedaddle- Acoustic hokum, swing & Hawaiian
5:00t shirt design Gut Lightning- - Electronic, downtempo beats
6:00t shirt design Loose Mood Experiment - Hammer dulcimer, percussion, saxophone, & cello
7:00t shirt design Gypsy Town- Original "Southern California style" Folk-rock
8:00 Craicdown- Acoustic World and Americana mix
9:00 Birds and Arrows- Folk Rock

Peck & Artisans/Carrboro Music

200-204 W. Main St.

1:15 Joe Hero- - Melodic Rock/Hard Rock
2:15 ZEGG- Groove Rock
3:15Tercer Divisa - Mexican Urban Rock band originally from Mexico
4:15 RAW DOG-- Alternative/Electronic music
5:15 Old 86- Funky, soulful Rock & Roll
6:15 Cole Park- Rock

Balanced Movement Studio

304 W. Weaver St.(upstairs)

1:00 ASCAB Capoeira NC- Brazilian martial arts/dance (in the parking lot)
2:00 Patrick Turner- Solo Rock singer/songwriter w/a full band sound
3:00 Near-Blind James and Harmonica Bob- Traditional Blues, Ragtime & Gospel
4:00 Chocolate Martini Therapy - Sweet sisterly harmonies
5:00 Ken Larson Trio - Standard Jazz
6:00 Alan Wolf & David McKnight-- Folk and Blues
7:00 Shawn Deena - A groovertastic sound of rhythm, heart & soul

Cat's Cradle

300 E. Main St.

3:30 Radio Silent Auction - Rock, Blues, Jazz & pop
4:30 Kitty Box & The Johnnys- Furrowed brow w/ tonque in cheek torch Country
5:30 Lazy Circle- Folkadelic, a folky, psychedelic mix
6:30The Stray Dogs - Twang Rock w/ a shot of attitude
7:30 Archbishops of Blount Street - Ska/Reggae
8:30 Milagro Saints - Roots Rock
9:30 The Harvey Dalton Arnold Blues Band - A killer Blues band
10:30 New Town Drunks- New Vaudeville

Century Center
stage sponsor: Franklin Street Realty

100 N. Greensboro St.

1:00 Magnolia Klezmer Band - Eastern European Jewish party music
2:00 One Sun- World-beat Jazz
3:00 Southern Routes- Roots treatment of R&R, R&B, and C&W
4:00Sawyer- Goldberg Jazz- Highly improvisational Jazz standards
5:00 The Mighty Gospel Inspirations - Traditional African- American a cappella Gospel
6:00 Lucky's Starlight Lounge - Jazz standards/lounge
7:00The Triangle Jazz Orchestra - Big Band Swing
8:00 Michael Jones Trio - Jazz, mostly smooth w/ a little "straightahead" thrown in
9:00 Unit 7 - Be-bop, Swing & Sinatra style vocals

DSI Comedy Theater

200 N. Greensboro St.- behind Elmo's @ Carr Mill Mall


2:00 DTL Trio- Jam-based Funk Rock w/ vocals
3:00 The SnoCones- Folk and Blues
4:00 Scott Dameron and Jay Ladd- New-folk, acoustic Americana Singer/Songwriters
5:00 Down River- Classic Country, Americana, Bluegrass, & original music
6:00 Brett Harris- Classic Pop music
7:00Skylark- Traditional & Contemporary Music from Celtic lands and beyond

Fifth Season Gardening/Glasshalfull

106 S. Greensboro St.

1:00 Tales of Known Space - Vintage Progressive Rock
2:00 Spoonful of Soul- Soul/R&B
3:00 Left on Franklin- Original Rock & Roll/Pop
4:00 Radar's Clowns of Sedation - Blues/Soul/Country/Alternative
5:00 The Stars Explode- Pop-Rock
6:00 Big Fat Gap- Carolina Bluegrass
7:00 Stratocruiser - Rock, and nothing but the Rock
8:00 Mike Babyak's Triple Fret- World, Blues & Jazz

Fitch Lumber -Teen Stage
stage sponsor: Double Decker Bus Music and Performance Auto Mall

309 N. Greensboro St.

1:00Solo/singer songwriter performers: Peter Smith, Corey Coleman, Sevryn Schaller
1:30Acoustic Eels
2:00 Brimstone
2:30Sweet Sardines
3:00Dead Batteries
3:45Emerson Waldrof School Jazz Band
4:30Prince Miah & The Girl Toyz
5:00Final Reprise

6:00Above Gravity
6:30Morgan's End
7:00 The Duplicators

Fleet Feet Corporate Office Building

406 E Main St


1:00 Gary Mitchell - Acoustic Rock and Soul
2:00 Heath Tuttle- Blues & Boogie Woogie on a Classical guitar
3:00 gray byrd - Independent Americana Folk Rrock
4:00 Matthew McGinn- Country/Acoustic/Pop
5:00 Don Smith- Traditional Folk & Country: from 1860-1940
6:00 Michael Thornton- Country acoustic

Jessee's Coffee and Bar

401 E Main St

1:00 Andrew Kasab
2:00 Skylar Gudasz & The Ugly Girls
3:00 Salt to Bitters
4:00 James Mathias & The Summer Show
5:00Supreme Fiction
6:00Hough Swaso
7:00 Luego
8:00 Magic Babies
9:00 The Julies

Looking Glass Café

601 W Main St


1:00 Plan B - Original Folk Rock
2:00 Three Days in Vegas- Alternative Rock
3:00 Multiples- Hard/Progressive Rock w/ Socio/Political overtones
4:00 Ladies of the Lake- Celtic
5:00 The Lowbots- Power Pop/Folk Rock
6:00 Tim Smith & Eileen Regan & Friends- The big ol' Celtic fun



307 E Main St (patio)

2:00 Joe Woodson and The Chestnut Ridge Boys- Americana
3:00 Second String Band- Bluegrass, Folk, Rock, Blues and Country
4:00 Pablo Valencia and Drew Pilant- Acoustic Latin music duo
5:00 Jimmy McGinley- singer-songwriter/pop
6:00 Davis Stillson and Direction Unknown- Folk Rock
7:00 Holden Richards- Pop/Rock
8:00 Ape Foot Groove- Funk
9:00 The Alcazar Hotel- Original, straight-ahead Rock & Roll

Music Loft /Nightsound Recording Studios
Artists' Stage

116 W. Main St.

1:00 Fujiyama Roll - Japanese samurai rock & pop
2:00 SPIRALFIRE - all caps victory rock
2:45 Chuck Champion- roadhouse pop rock
3:30 Animal Alphabet - orchestral dirge rock
4:10 Semi Formal - push and pull
4:40 Kellie Ann Grubs - dark acustic folk
5:15 Stranger Spirits - mad scientist & robot girl rock!
6:15 Wylie Hunter and the Cazadores - barn burner rock anthems

Open Eye Café

101 S. Greensboro St.

1:00 Barrowburn- Celtic Folkhttp
2:00 Tokyo Rosenthal Trio- Americana & Blues
3:00 The Drowning Lovers - Quirky Lounge-noir: retro 1950's Jazz & Blues
4:00 Small Town Gossip- Acoustic Pop
5:00 The Light Revolution- Fairies, Unicorns and Rainbows
6:00 Sinful Savage Tigers - String band, Skiffle, fierce Folk
7:00 Brian and Mary Lewis- Vintage Country
8:00 Doombunny- Old Indie meets New Indie
9:00 The Swang Brothers- Country/Rockabilly/Blues/Swing

RBC Bank

300 W. Weaver St.

1:00 HWYL- Alternative Rock
2:00 Real Time Dreaming- Alternative Retro Rock
3:00 Viva la Venus! - Female-fronted guitar Rock/Creative Rock
4:00 Skippy Skip and the Team- Alternative Rap
5:00 David Spencer Band- Blues/Roots
6:00 River City Ransom- Rock/Indie Rock/Post-Punk

Southern Rail Beergarden

201 E. Main Street

Southern Rail Beergarden
NC Songwriters' Stage

1:00 Jim Haggard
1:30 Pete Pawsey
2:00 Peter Laiosa
2:30 Tammy Griffith
3:00 Amber Dutton
3:30 Jon Batson
4:00 Rob Lyle
4:30 Pete Leary
5:00Casey Clark
5:30 Eric Banman
6:00 Kirk Ridge
6:30 Jamie Purnell

Southern Rail/ The Merch/ Wootini / Milltown
Rock Stage

208 E. Main Street

2:00 The What IV
3:00 Aminal
4:00 Wild Wild Geese
5:00 Jim Smith and His Tall Buildings
6:00 Ben Davis and The Jetts
7:00 Transportation
8:00 Special Guest
9:00Dexter Romweber Trio

The Station

210 E. Main St.

1:00 Pete Waggoner- Contemporary Country Blues
2:00 CarrBros- Folk Rock
3:00 Catbird Seat- Eclectic Americana Folkin' Rock band
4:00 The String Machine- Bluegrass w/ a Rockin' edge
5:00 Blue Marble Beat - Dance Rock
6:00 Gasoline Stove- Americana
7:00 Fantastico!- Rock, Blues
8:00 Lizzy Ross Band - Powerful Blues vocals, original lyrics
9:00 Pagan Hellcats- Alternative Rock, w/ Country & Blues accents
10:00 All Star Jam

Town Commons
stage sponsor: Weaver Street Realty

301 W. Main St.

1:00 Off The Road Band- Americana
2:00 Full Moon Pie- Classic Rock
3:00 The Brand New Life- Original World, Funk-Jazz
4:00 Big John Shearer Acoustic Blues Band- Vintage Café Society Blues/Folk
5:00 Die Nierentische- German multilingual comedy/Cabaret act
6:00 Tim Smith Band- Original World Soul Music

Tyler's Parking Lot

Behind 102 E. Main St.

2:00 Straight 8s - Original Rock-a-Billy, Swing and Surf
3:00 The Breaks- Original Rock
4:00 The Banana Seats - Rock Pop
5:00 Too Much Fun- Rhythm and Blues
6:00 Jeff Hart & The Ruins- Americana/Power Pop
7:00 Chicken Fried Blues - Blues, Rock & Funk
8:00 Saludos Compay-Upbeat Latin


201 N. Greensboro St.

1:15 Star.FM- Alt.Country
2:15 Tain Collins Band- Contemplative groove Rock
3:15 SAD Magazine- Indie Pop guitar duo
4:15 Loose Screws- Amalgamated Roots music
5:15 Lost Nomads- Traditional & modern Middle Eastern music
6:15 Nikki Meets the Hibachi- Alternative Folk-Rock


Weaver St. Market

101 E. Weaver St.

1:15 Hindugrass- Indo- Appalachian fusion
2:15 Puritan Rodeo- Roots Rock/Americana
3:15 Climb Jacob's Ladder- Folk/Rock, Reggae & Blues Pop
4:15 Great Big Gone- Eclectic original Americana
5:15 See No Weevil- Original eclectic Blues
6:15 Delta Rae- Soulful Folk-Rock


| 2010 Performance Map and Schedule (pdf) |


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