StoveTop FireStop Automatic Fire Extinguisher

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Preventing Kitchen Fires

One of the most common locations where residential fires start is the kitchen. According to information drawn from National Fire Protection Association and National Fire Incident Reporting System surveys, in the year 2001 there were 117,100 fires in the United States related to home cooking.


These fires caused 370 civilian deaths and 4,290 civilian injuries. In addition to the deaths and injuries, these fires resulted in $453 million in direct property damage. Protecting every kitchen with an automatic extinguishing system would go a long way towards reducing the loss of life and property from these residential fires.

Automatic Extinguishing System

The WilliamsPyro company manufactures the StoveTop FireStop for use as an automatic extinguishing system for a residential stove. It is a 12-ounce container that attaches magnetically under the vent hood over a stovetop. For a typical residential stove with two front burners and two back burners you would need two units mounted on the underside of the vent hood of the stove.

When a stovetop fire occurs and the flame reaches the StoveTop FireStop, the fire-suppressing powder is automatically released onto the fire. The StoveTop FireStop never has to be inspected or repaired. After the service life of five years, simply replace it with a new one.

For more information and a video demonstrating a StoveTop FireStop you can visit the manufacturer's website.